Jackets For Women

Women pilots have been around since 1908. The early women pilots or aviatrices (one is called an “aviatrix”) had to put up with wearing Flight Jackets made for men, unless they could make their own or get someone to make one for them. During WW2, women pilots were employed all …

A-2 Flight Jacket

The A-2 Flight Jacket ranks as one of the greatest and best-known flying jackets of all time despite the relatively short official military life that it had. What made it into the icon that it has become?

Flight Suit

The flight suit is a continuation of the development of the flight jacket. Some people regard it as the ultimate jacket, but is it really? Why have they developed into what they are today?

Army Jacket

The army jacket has been around forever – or even longer. From the earliest times, before recorded history even, it has been used and abused both on and off the battlefield. Today they are as popular as ever, if not even more so.